Our Process

Here at Fainting Goat Spirits we take a tremendous amount of pride in our Grain to Glass process that truly makes a difference in the quality of our hand crafted small batch spirits.

It all starts with our careful sourcing of high quality North Carolina grown Soft Red Wheat, Corn, and Rye from a small family owned and operated farm in Marshville, NC.

Our Distiller then takes those high quality grains and creates a custom grain mash bill for each product that we create. We grind the grain the same day that we create our mash to ensure the upmost freshness of the grain. We then take the milled grain through our unique mashing process to create the highest grade distillers beer possible.

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After the in house open top fermentation is complete our distiller takes a unique low and slow method to distilling that creates an array of award winning handcrafted spirits that is truly unique in the industry.

Whether we are creating the ultimately buttery and smooth Tiny Cat Vodka, the ground breaking Emulsion New American Gin, or the bevy of Whiskeys that are patiently aging in our American White Oak Barrels, our goal is to create the highest of quality spirits from grain to glass. From our still to your glass, Cheers.