Our Family

Bill Norman, Master Distiller, attended The Culinary Institute of America where he trained in the art of French cuisine. With his expert knowledge and refined palate, Bill has developed a discriminating taste when it comes to identifying and sourcing distinct flavor profiles for the hearts of his spirituous liquors.

Andrew Norman, Master Blender, is a true aficionado of liquor. He makes it his mission to taste every kind of liquor available, from craft distillers to large distilling companies – both domestic and foreign – recording taste profiles and studying labels.

Shelley Johnson Norman, Co-Owner of Greensboro Distilling, is a small business expert with a thirst for travel and new experiences. After tackling life in New York City, Shelley moved to Greensboro, NC.  She and Bill were inspired to start several successful small businesses that continue to thrive in Greensboro.

Lesley Norman Hobbs is a Southern Belle and businesswoman extraordinaire, growing her family’s massage business 100% in only a few short years after after joining the management team.

All members of the Fainting Goat Spirits family have trained extensively in the distillation process, receiving certification through one of Colorado’s Mile High Craft Distilling teaching communities and Louisville, KY’s Moonshine University. Their passion paired with the vast experiences among them will no doubt come together to create spirits that stand out from the crowd.